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He is the sound director of your event , a dive
into an atmosphere of great historical ceremony, the first perched smile of the evening.

This crazy butler stages the site of your event with a lot of musical extracts, interactive comedy, lights and sound effects.


A visual, sound and unprecedented adventure during which your guests will be received like stars climbing the steps of the Cannes Film Festival under the flashes of the paparazzi.

They will be Caesar and Cleopatra entering the Colosseum to the sound of Roman trumpets and the cheers of the crowd.


They will arrive by helicopter embodying James Bond and his Bond girls accompanied by the sounds of bottles of champagne opening and the sound of silencer.

Experience the entrance of a Rock star to Wembley, a set of "big DJ" live, nature atmosphere, small birds and zen music or presidential procession, applause and police siren ...


A mastery of sound / sound effects adapted live according to the guests.


The guest lends himself to the game by wanting to musically test the crier.


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