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How?  What ? You don't know him?

Once you have tasted it you will not be able to do without it!

Dancer, singer, actor, host, choreographer… a multifaceted character.


A complete entertainer, the capital's first “Burlesque Dancer: an American in Paris who has come to resuscitate the legend of cabaret!

A choreographer on many famous musicals and operas (West Side Story, Carmen, The Magic Flute…), he leaves Baltimore, New York, Broadway… and follows in the footsteps of Joséphine Baker towards Paris!


A scenic power, a voice, dancing, a talent nourished by passion and projects that are just waiting to express themselves… in front of you? !!


Versatile according to your evening

  • Bold

Fan of Josephine Baker, Brian dressed in his famous banana costume will make an evening crazy and full of surprises

Several characters and costumes will be offered to you for the sake of elegance and originality "

  • Classic

In evening costume, Brian can officiate in the sober and highlight his voice and create interactivity with the public.

And why not add an anti-conformist touch: in stiletto heels for those who pay attention.

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